Smash Up Rules

Basic rules needed to start Smashing

Smash Up example hand


1) Select two decks of choice (twenty cards in each deck )

2) Combine and shuffle both decks to make a forty card deck

3) Shuffle all the base decks together

4) Draw the base cards equal to number of player plus one & play the base cards face up on the table

5) Each player draws five cards (if the cards drawn are all actions, show hand to opponent and draw five new cards)

6) Players decide who goes first

Sample playthrough of Smash Up

Smashing Time

6) Players are allowed to play ONE Minion and ONE Action per round in any order or be a badass and do nothing

7) Place Minion on a base and resolve it's ability as stated on the card

8) Play an Action and resolve it's ability as stated on the card

9) Before the player's turn ends, they draw two cards (max of ten cards in hand; anything more have to be discarded)

10) Resolve any abilities before passing onto the next player

Winning in Smash Up


11) When the total points on Minions equals or exceed the breakpoints of the base, the base is destroyed

12) The victory points (VP) are awarded from left to right (VP are awarded from left to right starting with highest point player)

13) If a tie occurs, refer to rule book to heplp break the tie

14) Winner gets to resolve the bases' ability

15) Game ends when 15 VP is reached and player with the most VP wins